Filming a Rap Video

It has been a busy week for us as were filming a Music Video in NI Studio with rappers Maz and Lucky for their new song “Graduation”. This video gave us a chance to really go into creative overdrive especially with set design. Within our building is not just the studio but we also have a derelict old hallway adjacent with old offices, it looks so atmospheric and a holds a touch of urban decay (can be a bit spooky at night , ask Loraa). An imagination can go into overdrive with an onset location like this. we have used it before for photo shoots and music videos and it looks so atmospheric each time. The Music Video required three Key Locations A Classroom, A Red Room and a Blue Room. we really put good use to our creativity here. we took two simple offices and turned them into rooms of one red and one blue. For each room we put in different set pieces, props of the particular colour Ie, Red or Blue. Then we really added colour through the lights and red and blue gels. It is always exciting to create such particular sets as your creativity ensures endless design ideas and possibilities. The classroom was easy to create with the use of a few desks and chairs but we thought about layout carefully as we had an ideal set layout in mind

Filming the video was fun including Jack Daniels and dancing  on and off set, we were really given a chance to be creative with our videography through filming in the red and blue rooms and the lit up sets looked so stunning on camera (Magic of Monitors). The girls who were playing schoolgirls played very well and one of them even had Fifty Shades Darker on set (what would their mother say!!!). Filming this video was fun for us and being able to be very creative was good for us as we love to be unique and creative in all our work as it gives our videos a sense of style and makes them stand out. There was a great atmosphere onset with great banter and tunes blasting on and off set, after al it is important to get on with the people you work with. Filming in the red and blue rooms was the most creative and challenging aspect of the video for us as we love to be challenged. Filming this video for us is one the reasons we love doing what we do and how we can propel our creativity into exciting new ventures and projects

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Being Productive in the Office Environment

If we’re not out on set/location filming our latest project then we are living it up in the office. When you think of an office the image that comes to mind is a big room with filing cabinets, papers, desk, chair and a guy in a smart suit typing numbers into a computer….. sounds boring huh. Well that’s not what office life is like for us we prefer to be a bit more productive and use the time wisely to dream up new ideas for projects and search for new clients to add to our expanding base. Here is a few tips on how we can be productive within the office Plenty of Tea/Coffee: always start the day off with a hot beverage to get rid of the tired factor and get the energy factor flowing, we always enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee especially if there is a pack of biscuits lying about somewhere (Chocolate Preferably). Open Window: fresh air is good for the brain when it gets too stuffy and warm inside especially during the summer months so open the window for the beautiful fresh air of Inspiration. Yes feeling the fresh air can keep the brain gears from rusting. Bag of Carrots:In the stressful time times of modern living and hectic society, it is important to eat the right nutrients your body needs to keep healthy and fresh. So pick up something nice and healthy from your local shop, a bag of carrots would be the best option as they are both nutritious and delicious. Active Discussion: an office doesn’t have to be a quiet boring place, keep conversation flowing especially about new ideas and plans for upcoming projects. Active discussion can help create new ideas and after it’s better to engage in conversation rather than catching Pokemon