BMV Productions is a company which has evolved from the success of its sister company “Budget Music Videos, first established in January 2013. Although still very much work in progress, the new BMV Productions will, as of January 2016, show all the other types of video production we specialise in, other than low Budget Music Videos. Under the BMV name we able to work on bigger budget projects including music videos, promo videos, fashion week, TV shows and many other types of video production.

So what exactly are the aims of BMV Productions? Well one of our immediate goals is simply to continue to win more diverse, and we make no claims to be ground breakingly original with our other primary goal either, because although we are a company that prides itself on its ability to engineer the creative vision of others, BMV Productions competing objective is to lay the foundation from which to write, direct and produce its own projects. Like any ambitious production company, we are in talks with broadcaster and other production initiatives about developing our own content. We have long list of ideas and concepts for film, Theatre, TV Dramas and reality TV styled education and training programmes waiting to be developed, and this latest step is a major step towards achieving this goal.