I think we should first start by saying “Hi” and then “no” you haven’t come through to Budget Music Video, this is the new BMV Productions website, similar yes but most certainly not the same. And although it’s a live link, it will not officially go live [i.e. publicized or promoted] until the new year, so between now and then, those that already have access can expect to see regular updates as we repeatedly post and pull content until satisfied with the end result. But posting and pulling withstanding, you should take the time to take a tour, to find out not only what’s coming but why we felt it necessary to create a second website. If the truth be told, right from Budget Music Videos inception many had suggested [some quite insistent] that we should have a second site as well, conscience to the fact that the name Budget Music Video has a distinct flaw… “You’ll be stuck with a business that can only attracted broke ass clients” and for the most part they were right, but then that was always the point. Struggling artists with a bunch of song and not too much else are numerous and are the ones in greatest need of a Budget Music Video service. That is why they have our deepest gratitude because they are responsible for making Budget Music Video the number one music video production company of its kind. More to the point they have elevated Budget Music Videos capacity to spread its wings into the wider market justifying the need for a second website. As previously stated, this new BMV website is still very much work in progress, as we venture to attract new, lucrative and more diverse opportunities, whilst continuing to adhere to our stock in trade of always providing a high quality cost sensitives service. At the time of writing, BMV Production has just secured major contracts to produce high end music videos for two of the world’s leading reality TV show franchises. Non-disclosure agreements have already been signed so this is as much as can be said for now until January 2016..

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